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Warrenton Kennel Club logo WARRENTON KENNEL CLUB



City:_______________________  State:_____  Zip:__________

Phone: (_____) _____________      Email: ___________________________________

What breeds do you own?_________________________________________________________________

How many dogs do you own?_____ How many litters have you bred?_____

Do you show in:
conformation?_____  obedience? _____  agility? _____  field? _____  herding? _____  other? _____

Are you an active member of any dog club(s)? _____

If so, please indicate club(s):_______________________________________________________________


Have you belonged to any club(s) in the past? ___ If so, please list: (if you need more room use back or other sheet)

Name of Club                                    Dates of Membership                           Office(s) Held/Activities




Do you have a kennel name? ____  If so, indicate name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Is your kennel name AKC registered? _____

Do you sell puppies to wholesalers, by litter lots, or for resale? _____

Do you sell puppies to individual buyers? _____

Please describe any activities or special interests, past experience, or any area in which you would be willing to work, that you feel might help you to make contributions to the efforts of the Warrenton Kennel Club.




If accepted for membership, I agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Warrenton Kennel Club which create and promote sportsmanship and interest in purebred dogs.  I agree to contribute my knowledge and experience when asked and to respect the purpose and support the activities of this club.

                                                                             ______________________________________________________                                                                                                                     Signature of Applicant

Sponsors:  (1) ______________________________________

                    (2) ______________________________________

Membership Application Submitted at Meeting on : ________/_______/__________                                                                                                                                                                            

First Reading: ______/______/_______  Second Reading:_____/_______/_____

Approved:  ______/______/_______

Membership Fees:  Single $10.00.  Two persons Same Household $15.00.  Junior membership $5.00. Dues must accompany membership application.  In the event the membership is not approved or is withdrawn, dues will be refunded.

Please note:  The membership application may be submitted after attending one meeting as a guest.  It will be read at the next meeting the applicant attends and read a second time and voted on at the third meeting.  If the application is for two persons in same household, both must attend.

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